9,251 ha, Mato Grosso State

The Colider property represents potential for discovery of high-grade, shear-zone controlled gold mineralization, suitable to support underground mining operations.  Exploration along a 5.5 km strike length of the target structure has identified four gold-in-soil anomalies, and thirteen diamond drill holes totaling 2700m targeting the bedrock have yielded promising results including 4.1 m @ 13.6 g/t gold, and 2m @ 9.6 g/t gold.

In addition, multiple elevated copper values were found in previous drill holes at the Colíder project including 4.1m @ 1.05% copper and 18.59g/t gold in Hole #CL-1 and 2.9m @ 0.61% copper and 6.1g/t gold in Hole #CL-8.

Nova Canaa

9,983ha, Mato Grosso State

Geologically similar to Colider with mineralized veins in granitic rocks which host gold with associated pyrite, chalcopyrite and galena. The property currently has three main target areas identified.

Previous underground sampling has identified spectacular grades including 2m @ 92.19 g/t gold. Twenty-five diamond drill holes totaling 3,977m were drilled in 2007 and 2010  targeting the bedrock, yielding high grade gold and silver results. Gold results included 2m @ 7.2g/t gold, 2.9m @ 14.2g/t gold, and 1.5m @ 17.2g/t gold.

Porta Aberta

1,521ha Mato Grosso State

The Porta Aberta project area is located 13km SSW of the Cajueiro project and is characterized by extensive historic placer workings which produced an estimated 500kg of gold and cover an area of several square kilometers.  Outcropping gold mineralization appears to be confined to a series of quartz-sulphide veins within a NNW-trending shear zone characterized by silica-sericite-pyrite alteration which has been traced for 2.5km and is open to the north and south. The width of the shear zone and the width and extent of individual veins within the zone is, as yet, unknown.

Reconnaissance rock chip sampling from outcropping quartz-sulphide veins returned gold values ranging from 0.5 to 242.8g/t gold (12 samples) with three samples returning 199.3g/t, 202.1g/t and 242.8g/t gold. In addition to the high-grade gold values returned from the surface sampling, elevated Ag (up to 60g/t), Zn (up to 0.13%), Pb (up to 1%) Cu (up to 0.08%) values were also returned.

Gold analysis has been conducted by SGS method FAA505 (fire assay of 50g charge), with higher grade samples checked by FAA525. Analytical quality is monitored by certified references and blanks. Until dispatch, samples are stored under the supervision the Company’s exploration office. The samples are couriered to the assay laboratory using a commercial contractor. Pulps are returned to the Company and archived. Drill holes results are quoted as down-hole length weighted intersections