0.5 Moz of historic placer gold production. Gold values up to 1023 g/t on surface


Location of Crepori Project with respect to other major gold projects in the state Pará

  • Historical small-scale production

  • Good access. Located 105 km SSW of Eldorado Gold’s TZ Project which is expected to produce 170,000oz / year

  • Extensive placer workings cover several square km and recovered +0.5M oz. No previous drilling.

  • Surface sampling has returned values up to 1022.98 g/t gold with approximately 10% of surface samples returning +5 g/t gold



The property is situated in the Tapajos Gold Province approximately 100km SW of the Serabi gold mine complex. An estimated 0.5Moz of placer gold was recovered from drainages in the area and small-scale historical hard-rock mining was conducted along two gold bearing quartz veins. Historic production in the Creporizinho region between 1983 and 1990 has been estimated by others at 400 kg Au per month. Spectacular grades up to 1022.98 g/t gold have been obtained from grab samples of quartz veining with sulphides in the old mine dumps. The property represents an opportunity for the discovery of a narrow-vein high grade gold deposit.

The Company collected 115 surface grab samples at Crepori and were collected mainly from four zones; Filão do Milton (24 samples), Ze de Ouro (10 samples) Filão de Parente – Boiadeiro (33 samples) and Raimundo (24 samples). Samples were collected from both outcropping veins and surrounding wall rock and range from below the analytical method detection limit (5ppb) to 148.2g/t gold. Of the 115 samples collected, nine returned values above 5g/t gold, eight returned values of 1 – 5 g/t gold, twenty-six returned values of 0.1 – 1g/t gold and the remaining seventy-two samples returned values of less than 0.1g/t gold. All of the samples which returned values above 1g/t gold were rock samples.

The Company drilled a total of 7 holes for 876m at Crepori during November and December 2017. Holes were located in six separate areas where high grade veins had been mapped on surface but surface exposures in the area were sparse with +99% of the area being covered by recent soils. Of the four reconnaissance drill holes completed three returned intercepts of interest notably;

  • Hole CPR-1 which was drilled at the Ze Milton target below an area of historic workings and sheeted veining exposed on surface which has grab values of 6.54 – 39.24g/t gold, cut three zones of mineralization including 1m @ 4.55g/t gold, 4m @ 3.23g/t gold and 5m @ 1.81g/t gold
  • Hole CPR-2 which was drilled at the Raimundo target below surface workings, cut a narrow high-grade structure which returned 4m @ 8.52g/t gold and a second lower grade structure further down the hole which returned 0.6m @ 0.66g/t gold
  • Hole CPR-3 which was drilled at the Ze do Bode target below historic surface workings cut two narrow low-grade but mineralized structures which returned 2m @ 0.55g/t gold and 2m @ 0.56 g/t gold

The bulk of the placer gold previously mined from the area was mined upstream from the Ze Milton and Ze de Bode targets in an area with virtually no outcrop. This area will be the focus of further work aimed at identifying the source of the placer gold previously mined from the Crepori area.

Satellite image showing detail of Crepori area with drill hole locations and surface sample results

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