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The Roadshow Trifecta; a New Copper Porphyry Discovery in Brazil


What an amazing week it was while in Toronto for The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (“PDAC”), Red Cloud KS’ 6th Annual Pre-PDAC Mining Showcase & Metals Investor Forum conferences. Altamira Gold’s team just wrapped up 7 days of several conferences, meetings, talks on very important regions (Brazil’s Alta Floresta belt) and tons of networking. No matter where or to whom we were presenting the Companies projects and their recent developments it was very well received. Did I mention the brand-new “major copper porphyry discovery?” in our backyard and we are the only junior in the heart of it?!

Major talking catalysts included the game changer for both higher grade gold mineralization and expanded tonnage at Altamira’s Cajueiro project (from surface gold mineralization zones) and one of the biggest events to happen in recent years in Brazil, the recognition of copper porphyry mineralization in the Alta Floresta Belt where the company has twelve projects. Altamira has held projects in the heart of the belt for 6+ years which makes it one of the only publicly traded junior companies positioned especially after Anglo American (market cap. USD$35.2B) & Nexa Resources’ (market cap. USD$2.6B) major staking rush within 10 days of September 2017.

Video illustrating Altamira’s land position before the staking rush and after

You now got some context so on to the Roadshow Trifecta:

First Conference

To start the week-long trip in Toronto, Altamira exhibited at Red Cloud KS’ 6thAnnual Pre-PDAC Mining Showcase. It was a very well attended event that had a continuous flow of the who’s who in the investment community, mineral exploration and mining sector.

The Company was fortunate enough to be situated in front of the enclosed room wherein most of the other presenting companies were set up (though by mere luck and we took well advantage of it). Anyone that came to the event had to go through our towering CEO & President Mike Bennett,t his made for many amazing conversations about the new potential of not only gold on surface but the now-recognized potential for copper and/or polymetallic porphyries underneath. All the conversations were engaging, and new connections were made along with reconnecting with existing investors.

Second Conference

The following day we attended the Metals Investor Forum, an invite only presenter conference hosted by some of the top newsletter writers in the industry. The keynote speakers included Eric Coffin of HRA Advisories, Gwen Preston of Resource Maven, Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights, Jay Taylor of J Taylors Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks and Greg McCoach of The Mining Speculator. With 20 companies presenting and Q&A’s after each session it was a fully-loaded conference.

One on One Meetings

For the 2nd year in a row the PDAC partnered up with Precious Metals Summit Conferences, which host, as many writers, investors and executives told me directly prior, the ‘best conference of the year’ – Beaver Creek, to offer one on one meetings with carefully screened qualified investors and portfolio managers from across the world. Altamira’s CEO Michael Bennett was thoroughly impressed with the 2-day affair. With the energy and enthusiasm of Michael at a high it was well worth the 13 meetings of 8am – 4:30pm intense scheduling.

Trifecta Finale Conference

The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (“PDAC”) is a 4-day event that is the world’s premier mineral exploration and mining convention which attracts investors, analysts, Indigenous peoples, government officials and 25,606 attendees from over 125 countries. This bodes well for all vested in our industry.

With the world’s leaders of mineral exploration and mining coming together, Altamira ran a JVArticle in The Northern Miner titled ‘Altamira Gold Exploring for Copper amid Staking Rush in Brazil’ (click here to read).

The article helped bring the industry’s attention to possibly one of the most important developments in Brazil’s mining community and we weren’t the only ones thinking along these lines. A standing-room Brazilian Mining Day was organized by the Agency for the Technological Development of the Brazilian Mineral Industry (“Adimb”) , Geological Survey of Brazil, National Agency of Mining, Secretariat of Geology, Mining and Mineral Transformation, Ministry of Mines & Energy and the Brazilian Government.

The day started off covering the economics of Brazil and how the country is just starting to recover from one of the worst economic downturns since the depression it has faced. The day got very interesting for Altamira as the focus of the talks were on the Alta Floresta belt titled ‘Brazil: A New Exploration Challenge for Paleoproterozoic Porphyry and Epithermal-Like Gold-Base Metals Systems? – Roberto Xavier – University of Campinas’.

You may recall on February 21st, 2018 we announced, ‘Altamira Commences Copper Exploration Program in Juruena Belt, Mato Grosso, Brazil’ and mentioned that Anglo American may have discovered Brazil’s first ever porphyry copper-gold discovery on a well-known but sorely lacking of finding out where all the +7M oz of surface gold could have come from mineralized belt. We also noted that where this discovery happened, the Jaca target was the subject of a University of Campinas research study completed in December 2015. Bingo! Below is a picture with Prof. Dr. Roberto Xavier from Brazil’s University of Campinas along with Altamira’s team and one of our investors.

It was one of the best PDAC’s I’ve ever experienced. Many Majors came by our booth several times to hear the story from our team, to talk about the Alta Floresta copper porphyry discovery, they brought their colleagues to show them the staking rush that happened by Anglo American (LON: $AAL) & Nexa Resources (TSX: $NEXA) all within the 10 days of September and much more. We are excited for 2018 and what’s in store for anyone involved in central Brazil’s mineral exploration developments.


Post-conference, Michael McCrae, Founder of, released an article on why this years attendance was the best since 2013. He also compared a chart of the spot price of gold to PDAC’s annual attendance records:

Michael noted that PDAC enthusiasm is tightly linked to the direction of gold metal prices as visualized in the chart on the right. It’s still early but I hope the potential correlation stays true in the trends of metals favor.


Despite the recent popularity of Cannabis and Cryptocurrency, I still believe that the money will flow back into the mineral exploration and mining sector. That’s when our patience shall pay dividends.

We have an exciting road ahead of us, with the high potential of increasing both grade and size of the Cajueiro gold resource and now the new regional exploration possibility of polymetallic porphyries throughout the Alta Floresta belt. This adds additional upside potential for growth of Altamira. It could be, once again, Brazil’s mining sectors time to shine. With Majors and our Company now prepared to properly explore the most under-developed Brazilian mineralized belt for the potential of buried porphyry deposits 2018 is prepped to be a positive year.

Two miner saying’s to leave you with, “If its not mined its grown” and “if you want to find a mine the best place to look is next to one”. Mining will always be an essential economy driver for the nations of the world. We are just lucky, and/or smart, enough to have positioned ourselves before anyone else on a freshly developing and possibly game-changing belt for the Brazilian mining community. With four gold discoveries that turned into resources within Brazil amongst our team I would say its not luck at all but the belief in the opportunity of the Alta Floresta belt in central Brazil.

Any questions, interests and/or comments are always welcome so feel free to reach out to us at 1-778-558-6623 or

Yours sincerely from the Altamira Team,

Sean Kingsley

VP, Corporate Development



The discovery of the first Brazilian copper porphyry and/or polymetallic discovery on the Alta Floresta belt hasn’t been confirmed directly by the discoverer, Anglo American, yet. In September of 2017 it is public knowledge that both Anglo American and Nexa Resources did stake over 5 million hectares on both belts. Yet the reasoning behind the largest Brazilian staking rush (and it being led by two major companies ie Nexa & Anglo) hasn’t been publicly announced nor do we expect them to just yet.

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