Michael Bennett
President & CEO

Michael Bennett brings a wealth of experience as well as a deep understanding of South American culture and logistics. With over 30 years of mining experience (23yrs in South America) he was responsible for overseeing mining and exploration projects with over 100 employees in Brazil and Mexico for ECI. Mr. Bennett has also held senior local government appointments in South America including Mayor of Porongo, Bolivia; President of the Municipal Association, Bolivia; and President of the Chamber of Mines in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Responsible for three gold discoveries including Altamira’ Cajueiro (0.5Moz), Anfield Gold’s Coringa (1.1Moz) – both in Central Brazil, and Pucquio North (0.5Moz) in Bolivia.

Alan Carter

Alan Carter has over 30 years experience in minerals exploration (Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, ECI). Founder of Magellan Minerals (recently acquired by Anfield Gold). Director: Anfield Gold, Cuprum Resources, Peregrine Diamonds.

Michael O'Brien

Michael O’Brien is an experienced CFO of TSX and TSXV-listed junior mining companies, including Golden Predator Mining Corp. (TSXV: GPD), Africo Resources Ltd. (TSX: ARL), and BHK Mining Corp. (TSXV: BHK). Mr. O’Brien is a Chartered Accountant and, including the above, brings more than 25 years of financial management and regulatory compliance experience to the Company.

Ioannis Tsitos

Ioannis Tsitos is currently the President and a Director of Goldsource Mines Inc. and has over 26 years of experience in the mining industry, having spent 19 years with the global resources company BHP Billiton. A physicist-geophysicist, since leaving BHP Billiton he has been instrumental in the identification, negotiation and execution of numerous exploration agreements with juniors, majors, as well as with state exploration and mining companies. Mr. Tsitos has also been part of two discovery teams during his tenure with BHP Billiton in porphyry-copper and nickel-sulphide deposits.

Ian Talbot

Ian Talbot is currently the President and CEO, and a Director of Arcus Development Group Inc. and has over 25 years of experience in the mineral exploration industry as both a lawyer and an exploration geologist. As a geologist, he has worked with both junior and major resource companies. As a lawyer, he has practiced exclusively in the areas of mining and securities law in private practice and as in-house counsel with BHP Billiton World Exploration Inc.

Chris Harris

Chris Harris has 30 years working in energy, commodity trading & mining finance (Ernst & Young, CIBC, Enron UK, BHP Billiton, GMI Resources UK). Mr. Harris is actively engaged in multiple principal investments & director roles

Sèrgio Amaro Aquino
General Manager

Sèrgio Amaro Aquino has over 35 years of experience in the mining sector and has a proven track record in successful project management and construction. Mr. Aquino will take responsibility for leading the Brazilian team on exploration, government relations, mining and for the construction of the Cajueiro gold project.

Elvis Alves
Project Manager

Elvis Alves is a Brazilian geologist focused on mineral exploration and mining. He is also Project Manager for Alta Floresta Mineração.

Jon Coates

Jon Coates has 36 years in exploration, mine geology and business development on 5 continents, with experience of a wide range of mineral resources, including gold. He has spent much of his career at BHP Billiton with roles such as Regional Manager Latin America, VP Business Development China & Chief Geoscientist. Mr. Coates was recently titled Executive Geoscience Advisor for Saudi Arabian Mining Company “Ma’aden”.